About Our Membership

Our Guild is dedicated to preserving and promoting the art and craft of quilting in all of its many forms. We want to preserve the traditions of the past, but we are also open to new ideas, styles, and techniques.

You will find that our membership represents a broad range of levels, interests and styles, ranging from beginners to advanced, traditional to modern, piecing and  appliqué enthusiasts, as well as hand and machine quilters.

The Guild is proud of the contributions its members have made to the quilting community at large. Among them you will find quilt show judges, book authors,  workshop presenters, and entrants in quilt shows and national competitions.

We try to make it easier for new members to become part of our community by linking  them with those who have been in the Guild for some time.

Join us, and you will find our community of quilters a welcoming place regardless of your level or style.