History of the Waterford Quilters Guild

The Waterford Quilters Guild (WQG) was founded under the auspices of the Waterford Foundation in 1979 by Waterford resident and quilting teacher Anna Holland, and a group of her students and some local quilters. She began teaching the art of quilting to small groups of women. Monthly meetings were held for several years at the Second Street School,a school for African Americans in the late 1800s. Since the school had no heat, other than a small wood stove, they met at each others’ homes during the winter months. When the Second Street School was turned into a field trip reenactment location, the Guild moved to the Waterford Foundation offices, and then to several other locations in Purcellville, VA. In 2013, the Guild finally returned to Waterford, meeting in the newly restored Auditorium of the Waterford Old School. A continuing association with the Waterford Foundation continues to this day as the Guild holds its meetings in the Waterford Old School and participates in the annual Waterford Fair.