Fair Coordinators

For each fair, the coordinators should:

  • Get cash box with $100 seed money and raffle tickets from the Treasurer.
  • Ensure that valuables (cash box, quilt, tickets) are removed from site overnight, and other items are secured.
  • First volunteers the following morning should verify this amount and initial the note.
  • At the close of each shift, volunteers should count money in cash box and leave a note with the total for the following shift.
  • Ensure the availability of needed equipment:
    • quilt and stand
    • banner and stand
    • demo quilt and stand
    • cash box, seed money, and raffle tickets
    • drum for raffle stubs
    • WQG business cards
    • pens and clipboards for filling out raffle tickets
    • list of volunteers and their cell phone numbers
    • table cloths
    • 2 tables and 6 chairs
    • Children’s activity supplies (worksheets, 2” squares, glue sticks, scissors)

Lucketts Fair*
*TBA as the Lucketts Fair will undergo changes in 2018

  • Contact: Hilary Cooley (telephone; email?)
  • We are inside the Community Center, free of charge as a non-profit.
  • Setup is on Friday afternoon.
  • Lucketts Community Center provides tables and chairs (let Hillary know how many we need).
  • For the demo quilt Debra Gutenson has portable floor quilt frame that folds up and stores flat (no need to disassemble it). 

Lovettsville Oktoberfest

Setup is 7 a.m. on Saturday morning and includes the following:

  • set up the tent
  • bring 2 tables and at least 6 folding chairs
  • 1 small table for raffle tickets and 2 chairs are stored in the basement of Old School
  • 1 folding table from auditorium at Old School, marked WQG

Bluemont Fair

  • Bluemont UMC contact is Judy Anderson (telephone, email?)
  • Setup is on Friday afternoon
  • Extra sign is needed outside the church for “QUILT SHOW INSIDE” to draw the crowds inside. Bluemont Fair has a large sign, but we need a way to hang it from the church.
  • Additional quilts are displayed by hanging them from the balcony and across the pews.
  • Description of display quilts needs to be available during the show.
  • Maintain list of quilts on display, their description and owner. Coordinator is responsible for ensuring that all quilts are picked up and returned to owners.

Waterford Fair

Setup is onThursday afternoon.

  • Volunteers should wear long skirts, if possible, while manning the booth.
  • Plastic tote with aprons is stored in the Old School basement.
  • Quilt and banner should be stored overnight just inside porch. Each night the cash box should go home with Kathie Ratcliffe.
  • Demo quilt: Debra Gutenson has portable floor quilt frame that folds up and stores flat, needing no disassembly.