The Waterford Quilters Guild’s Historian is the keeper of the Guild’s archive. She maintains a centralized electronic file of all WQG events, dated original documents, and  photos in a secure environment, such as an external hard drive. A backup of the history is performed once a year and given to the current president. Photos and documents are provided to the Historian by WQG members. The Historian informs members which are historically worthy, and requests all documents and photos related to it.

Documents should include, but are not limited to the following:

  • Special blocks with instructions done by the Guild for a particular occasion or person. This includes the President’s block, block-of-the-month.
  • Current By-Laws and all its previous versions.
  •  Instructions and all information related to community service events hosted by WQG, e.g.,  instructions for construction of pillowcases.
  • Electronic copies of all invited speaker contracts.
  •  Documents pertaining to the founding of the Waterford Quilters Guild.
  • Inventory of all Guild assets which could be vital in case of dissolution of the Guild.
  • Current and previous versions of membership lists  with names, addresses, email, and phone numbers of all members.
  • All issues of the Newsletters by date.
  • List of all WQG Executive Committees by year.
  • President’s Block – maintain instructions and photos of president’s block by year.
  • Program calendars by year.
  • Raffle Quilts – Photos of previous raffle quilts made by WQG by year as well as winners, when known.
  • All documents and photos related to Guild participation in fairs.
  • Shared recipes.
  • Templates – Examples are signups for fairs or raffle quilting calendar – items used over and over
  • Treasurer Report and Budget – all final approved versions of the budget by year, all provided treasurer reports.
  • Current and previous versions of WQG Handbook.