Challenge Quilt Committee

The Challenge Committee decides on the theme of the challenge and prepares packets with instructions that are distributed to  members who signed up to participate in the challenge.  The packet could consist of a piece of theme fabric or a ready-made block, instructions including rules, limitations on size, color, type of fabric, and any other pertinent information for preparing an entry.* An entry fee of $1 should be collected from each participant. It will be used (along with a Guild allowance) to purchase awards.

The presentation of completed quilts will be at the November Guild meeting.  Awards may be based on several categories determined by the committee or on viewers’ choice. 

At the November meeting, the committee will:

  • Set up tables for display of entries.
  • Attach a numbered tag to each quilt for voting purposes.
  • Distribute ballots to all members for making selections,  collect the ballots and conduct a count.
  • Conduct a show-and-tell portion of the contest with each entrant describing her quilt and posing for pictures.
  • Tally votes, announce winners, and award prizes.


* Entry fees and Guild monetary allowances should be used for any fabric purchase needed for the initial packets and also for awards at the end of the Challenge. Past awards have consisted of gift cards to WebFabrics, golden scissors to top winner and small pieces of fabric (two 8” squares in each bundle) given to all other entrants who have not won any of the top prizes.