Raffle Quilt Committee

The raffle quilt committee oversees the development of the raffle quilt and sale of tickets. This process is described below. 

Guidelines for Proposals

  • Members should keep in mind that the Waterford Fair has an 18th century focus.
  • A proposal must include a pieced and/or appliquéd block being proposed with suggestions regarding color and fabric choice.
  • Members may submit joint proposals. Before bringing a proposal to the Guild for a vote, members must make sure they have permission of the author if they are copying an idea or a pattern from a book or magazine.


  • The announcement calling for ideas for the raffle quilt is made two years prior  to the December meeting and goes out in the December issue of the Waterford Quilt Connection. 
  • This announcement is repeated in January at the Guild meeting and published in the Newsletter.
  • Members bring their proposals to the February meeting. A minimum of three proposals is required for the membership to vote on. If the minimum of three proposals is not received for the February meeting, the vote will be delayed until the March meeting to allow for submission of additional proposals.
  • Once the raffle quilt design has been selected, the Guild solicits volunteers to serve on and to chair the Raffle Quilt Committee. Members with prior raffle quilt experience and the presenter of winning proposal are encouraged to serve on or to advise the Raffle Quilt Committee.
  • The Raffle Quilt Committee takes charge of the following:
    • purchase fabric for top and backing as well as batting
    • mark and cut fabric for blocks
    • prepare packets to distribute to members for piecing or appliqué with  at the May meeting
    • collect completed blocks at the June meeting
    • make sure that the top is ready to be quilted by the fall
    • select design for machine quilting
    • once the quilting is  complete, bind the quilt, attach a sleeve, design and attach label to the quilt.
    • start sale of raffle tickets in public venues in spring.