Responsibilities of the Vice President

The responsibilities of the Vice-President include the following:

  • Perform the duties of President in her absence.
  • Arrange programs a year in advance. When possible, Vice President will use the Waterford Quilters Guild Letter of Agreement, rather than the presenter’s own contract form, in arranging for a lecture or workshop.
  • Use a standard honorarium form when the program is presented by a  Guild member, including an option to forego the honorarium.
  • Present the Treasurer with a copy of the Letter of Agreement, including an itemized accounting of any deposits, travel, or other expenses, when requesting payment for a speaker. If possible, Vice President will do this prior to the meeting, so that the Treasurer can bring a check on the day of the presentation.
  • Contact presenters at least one month prior to the presentation to verify needed supplies and equipment
  • Send a supply list to members via the Waterford Quilters Connection or Town Crier.
  • Thank the presenter in writing after the program.  
  • Select and disseminate patterns for the President’s block and inform members of the need for blocks on other occasions.