Round Robin 2018

Instructions for 2018 Round Robin

In 2018 the Waterford Quilters Guild is combining the Round Robin and the Challenge Quilts into one project called “A Place Called Home”. We encourage group participation, but if you prefer to work on your own project, please feel free to do so. Even if you are going to work on your own, please still add your name to the signup sheet with a notation that you will be working on your own, so that your name will not be placed on a team. Signup is open through the January 2018 Guild meeting. If you are working on your own, you may begin at any time.  As in the past, there is a $1.00 fee for participation. This money will be used for awards.


  • When  you sign up, you are committed to meeting the deadlines and finishing the project. The whole group is depending on you.  Dropouts should notify Brenda Ashley or Ceil Karvellas  immediately. If you drop out of the Round Robin, you face the possibility of forfeiting the return of your completed quilt top.  It will go to the person who had to pick up your responsibilities.
  • Work on another quilter’s project as you want her to work on yours.
  • Use GOOD QUALITY fabric and respect the project.
  • Measure, measure, measure! Make sure your measurements are accurate, cut straight, and use accurate 1/4 inch seams. Make sure your addition and the finished project is squared!  If you don’t know how to do something, please ask. There are lots of helpful videos on YouTube and the WQS membership is a wealth of information and experience.
  • Make every effort to follow the vision of the owner of the center block. Remember, this is her quilt, not yours.The owner is free to alter, add, adjust or do anything she wants with the quilt.
  • If you are having difficulty deciding what to do, leave the center on the wall for a few days and let it “talk to you.”  If this doesn’t work, ask for help. If you google Round Robins online you will find many ideas to inspire you. There are also many photos of Round Robin Quilts on Pinterest.
  • Above all RELAX and HAVE FUN. Yes, it is possible, even with all the rules and guidelines.


  • When you sign up, you will be provided with a small journal that will travel with your quilt. Introduce yourself and what you envision as the finished project (if you have a vision). There will also be space for each person working on your quilt to add a comment about choices she has made.
  • At the first round a label for your quilt will be provided for each person to sign and date.
  • This is optional but a good idea if you are using reds or very dark, saturated colors. Pre-wash ALL fabrics to be used. Nothing is more upsetting than to have a lovely quilt and have fabric dyes run.
  • The goal is to select (buy or take from your stash) the equivalent of 1 yard of fabric for each round. That may be two ½ yard pieces, or four fat quarters, or some other combination. Select the fabric, use what you need to make your center block or border, and pass the leftovers along with the quilt. That way we can incorporate fabrics from the center block and previous borders into the next ones.
  • If you do not provide fabrics, the person adding the border will select and supply fabrics of their choice, being sure to add the leftover fabrics to the project box/bag. If you want only certain colors in your quilt, consider including a few paint chips to help guide the group.
  • When done with your border/row, PLEASE SQUARE UP BEFORE HANDING THE QUILT OFF!  This cannot be emphasized enough!
  • Embellishments – put them in a baggy and send them along so that the owner can put them on. Make a note in the journal as to what your plan for embellishment is. We do this because embellishments may interfere with the quilting process.
  • The center should be minimum of 12” square and a maximum of 16” square. If you wish to use a rectangle, the longest side should be no longer than 16”, with the short side being no longer than 10”. The center may be printed, pieced, painted, appliquéd, etc.
  • Please turn in your center block in a pillowcase, a LARGE ziploc type bag, project bag, ora  box with your name, phone number and email address on it.
  • Bring your center block to the Guild Meeting on April 10th.
    • Turn in your center block at the beginning of the meeting.
    • At the end of the meeting pick up your assignment.
      • 1st round due May 8th.
      • 2nd round due June 5th (subject to change)
      • 3rd round due July 10th
      • 4th round due August 7th (subject to change)
      • 5th round due September 11th
    • Each round/border must be no more than 6” and no less than 3” wide.
    • The rounds may include, but are not limited to checkers, flying geese, half square triangles, stars and/or appliqué. The borders do not need to be symmetrical in shape, color, or style. They can be plain, pieced, embroidered, or appliquéd, etc.
    • Add a border to at least 2 sides of the work you received. Instead of a new border, you may choose to embellish a previously added border (appliqué, couching, etc.) or the block may be turned on point, if appropriate. Triangles are then added to each side of the “diamond” to make it into a square again.
    • Place your finished work in its bag and return it to a meeting to exchange it for another bag.
    • Follow the vision/request of the owner of the center block, do the best work you can do, and most importantly 


This is a “blind” round robin. Please do not share what you are doing with any other Guild member so that the final quilt top will be a surprise for the participants.

  • The skill levels and interests of the participants will vary, so this is a wonderful opportunity for you to use “orphan” fabrics and to try new techniques.