Round Robins

A round robin is a quilt made by a group of quilters. It can be a creative, learning, and stretching experience. It starts with all members of the group making a center block/row, then passing it to the next quilter in the group for subsequent additions. After the second piece is completed, it is passed on to the next quilter, until each quilter in the group has added a row. Finally, it is returned to the owner of the center block/row.

Round robins are a fun way to push your creative boundaries. You will work with styles and colors that might be a little unusual for you. You will get back your project and see that others have made choices you would never have thought of making. You will have to leave some of your possessiveness behind, because you will not have a lot of control over the final outcome of  the quilt.

When you sign up to participate in a round robin, you are committed to meeting the deadlines and finishing the project. The team depends on you!