Secret Pals Committee

Secret Pals activity begins as close as possible to the beginning of the calendar year. Each participant completes an interest form and submits it to the committee to be matched with another Guild member. Participants in the activity are expected to commit for the full year. If a participant is unable to complete the year, she must inform the committee chairman in a timely manner and attempt to find a replacement. In the event she is unsuccessful, she will ask for help from the committee.

Participating members will receive the interest forms of their secret pals. They will exchange small, thoughtful items at monthly Guild meetings. Gifts should reflect preferences noted on interest forms, with special attention given to birthdays and holidays. Gifts should be relatively inexpensive and may be new or recycled, handmade or purchased, sewing notions or stash fabric. They should be wrapped or in gift bags with the recipient’s name clearly visible. Participants are encouraged to open their presents at the monthly Guild meetings.

If the Secret Pal recipient is not at the meeting, the Secret Pal giver should take the gift back and deliver it at the next meeting. This applies even if the giver sends the gift with another member.

Secret Pals will be revealed by a presentation of a final gift at the Holiday party in December.